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Creators of Cooking Show Pilots for recognized networks across the United States

Cooking Show production employs the highest level of expertise in the film industry. Our directors, editors and camera shooters are the best in the industry of food and have many accolades to back it up. From script to finished edited shows we produce the requirements for your cooking series to become a household brand. Discover why networks rely on us for incredible new talent and fresh show ideas for their lineup.

The core focus of our company is to provide 1/2 hour programming to networks seeking lifestyle cooking shows. Cutting edge editing with quick fades and  pull away shots are the most preferred look in the industry at the moment. Our highly skilled editors and shooter produce award winning cooking shows. Our company seeks individuals who have incredible culinary talents. We seek professional chefs and everyday home cooks for shows. We transform people from foodies to culinary household names.


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COOKING SHOW PRODUCTION’S STAFF and technical/culinary script consulting are the most talented in the industry. Recent projects include Several well known cooking shows,  cookbooks, print media and any other food-related services that you might need. International experience with bi-lingual crew. Traveling culinary crews available.

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